General assembly meeting and election of a new board of directors

A general assembly meeting for the Rural Women Development Association was held today, Sunday, 08/23/2020, with the participation of (35) from each of the West Bank and Gaza Strip through a video conference, in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Women Affairs, "Elham Sami"

the technical report and the financial report were reviewed. Auditor and approval, and the old board of directors resigned and a new board of directors consisting of 9 members from the West Bank and Gaza was elected.

- Randa Abd Rabbo Zain, President

- Laila Khashan> remote president

- Hilda Issa> Treasurer

- Buthaina Hassehna> Secretary

- Membership is both

- Khawla Hosni Desouki

- Salwa Bannoura

- Samaher Abdel Aziz Abu Rekab

- Suhaila Suleiman Abu Amra

- Lubna Matar

And the formation of a control committee

- Rose of Shabat

- Samia Al-Tal

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