Promote agricultural growth

Promote agricultural growth

Within the project "Promoting comprehensive agricultural growth to ensure an improvement in the standard of living and strengthening the capabilities of vulnerable communities in areas classified "C" in the West Bank, which is implemented by the Rural Women's Development Association in partnership with Oxfam, and funded by the European Union, a number of training courses in the field of food processing have been implemented. Especially agricultural products to enhance the productive and marketing capabilities of the beneficiaries of the project (cooperatives and individuals) in the city of Halhul between (27-31)/12/2020, where the training was implemented through Dr. Abdul Ghani Hamdan, and the work team Dr. Zaki Obeisha / Dean Faculty of Agriculture - Kadoorie University / Al-Aroub Branch, and Eng. Majdoleen Al-Rajabi, and Eng. Jumana Manasra.

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