Violence Prevention

Overview Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence are global problems that disproportionately impact women and girls around the world, and continue to be widespread in Palestine. Violence can be physical, sexual, psychological, economic, or social, and has lasting impacts that influence the ability of women to fully participate in society and lead healthy, full lives. We work in our Violence Prevention Program so that girls and women have the right to life, security and dignity, in public, in their homes, with their families, and intimate partners. We also work closely with men, boys and decision makers to address and challenge this complex issue. Since so many specialized services are located in cities and may not be accessible to women in villages, RWDS has worked for many years to provide women with counseling and social work services, resources, and information regarding violence they may experience in their homes, communities or as a result of ongoing Occupation. RWDS has also worked extensively around UN Resolution 1325, which addresses the rights of women in armed conflict, including both participating in and hosting trainings about the topic. In 2008, RWDS was chosen to participate in the 100 Commitments for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, an international campaign under the Global Call to Action on MDG3 presented by the Danish government to increase support for gender equality. As part of this, RWDS organized a nation-wide campaign against honor killings called “Let’s Support Life”. We have participated in many other “Right to Life” campaigns and are engaged in ongoing work to update very old laws regarding violence against women, so they are more accountable and sensitive to women who experience violence. RWDS is an active member in Muntada – The NGO Forum to Combat Violence Against Women and works with the other member organizations on campaigns, advocacy and awareness. Current program goals To empower women who experience violence to combat it and treat its psychological and social impact through documentation and dissemination about the reality of GBV, and implementing local awareness initiatives in rural Palestinian areas about the rights of women and how to combat it that target men, women and community leaders. To raise local and national community interest around all forms of GBV in rural areas and the importance of combating it through providing psychosocial counseling in the RWDS clubs to women who experience violence and establishing an effective referral system for women who experience violence in rural areas.

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