Economic Empowerment

Overview Since our founding in 1987, sustaining the livelihood of rural women has been a key part of our work and we continue to implement projects that focus on income generation, food security, and agricultural rehabilitation, and allow women to better support themselves and their families. Since 2010, RWDS has established 500 home gardens and dug 300 homes wells, distributed bee hives and chickens, rehabilitated land, and installed water networks. 24 women in our clubs have prepared 1000s of lunches for students through the creation of school canteens and food delivery services. A community kitchen in the village of Shioukh (Hebron area) opened in partnership with ActionAid in 2014. We have supported grants for women to establish their small business and provided training sessions on project and business management. RWDS and women in our clubs have participated in dozens of exhibitions where women sell their products. We also have participated in multiple local or regional campaigns in partnership with other organizations, including those regarding “Equal Work for Equal Pay” and “Right to Inheritance”. Every year we host an Olive Harvest campaign where staff and volunteers provide support for women harvesting olives in the villages where we work. We are committed to working with women who are especially vulnerable to poverty or food insecurity, including those who are the main breadwinner for their families, women who have a disability or have children with a disability, divorced women, and those who live in Area C. Current program goals To empower rural women to engage in cooperatives with economic benefits and in coherence with best practices and cooperative principles through encouraging the membership of women in RWDS cooperatives, increasing the professionalism of cooperatives, and increasing market access for women’s cooperative products. To ensure suitable employment opportunities with economic benefits to new female graduates and entrepreneurs in rural areas through training them in life and vocational skills and the provision of small-sized income generating projects. To enhance the resilience and economic empowerment of poor households headed by women and the most underprivileged families through small-sized income generation for households and provision of humanitarian aid. Current Projects Honey for Palestine Strengthening Community Responses to Economic and Social Marginalization of Vulnerable Families in Hebron Women’s Care Work and Economic Empowerment Pilot Project

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