Completion of contracting with 134 employees for temporary job opportunities for a period of six months within a project

The Rural Women Development Association announces the completion of contracting with 134 employees for temporary job opportunities for a period of six months within the project "Enhancing the Economic Status of Young Men and Women in the West Bank", which aims to enhance the economic situation of young men and women in the West Bank, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project to enhance the economic situation of youth comes within the framework of the "emergency social protection to confront the Corona pandemic - money for work in the West Bank" project, which is implemented by the Palestinian Fund for Employment and the Ministry of Labor, managed by the Ministry of Finance and funded by the World Bank. The project provides 3940 temporary job opportunities for a period of 6 months. months for the unemployed in the West Bank through 19 non-governmental organizations, including the Association for the Development of Rural Women.

It is noteworthy that the vacancies were announced through the Palestinian portal for employment, and then the sorting process took place according to specific criteria during the months of July and August, through which a number of 2965 applications for filling the jobs and tasks required by the Association for the Development of Rural Women and the partners on the project were reviewed, where about 420 were nominated An individual (403 females and 17 males), and within the criteria for the project, including the place of residence, the applicant for the job must be from the same region for the advertised job.

Specialization and compatibility with the terms of reference for the job, which were approved by the institution in the advertisement for the vacant position.

Age in the category between 18-64 years, and this criterion was identical to all applicants based on the final lists received from the Fund.

Initial and necessary experience with the applicants' knowledge of the nature of the activities of the association or partners and within the field of specialization required for each job.

In addition to preferential criteria and prohibiting gender, male and female, as many of the vacancies available in women's clubs and cooperatives are for women, and the positive preference was in the interest of female applicants.

Work to give preference to the criterion of people from families benefiting from cash transfers to the Ministry of Social Development, in order to achieve the index of reaching applicants for employment opportunities to 20% of the total employment opportunities.

Then the interviews were held in the association’s sites spread across the West Bank and based on the results of the interviews conducted by the job interview committees by the Rural Women’s Development Association, work was done to accredit approximately 210 people within the two lists of candidates for contracting and the reserve list of candidates for contracting and within the agreed criteria and Which included (the applicant was affected by the Corona pandemic, marital status, number of family members and their dependents, beneficiaries of CTP, in addition to some additional criteria in terms of academic or professional specialization and experience in areas and nature of work / job) and after defining lists Contracts and candidates with the relevant parties and the Palestinian Fund for Employment. Contracts were signed with a total of 134 people to occupy 134 jobs to start work starting from 1.9.2022 in the association’s branches and partners from the Union of Cooperative Societies for Savings and Credit, cooperatives and women’s clubs in rural areas and governorates, after Provide them with customized training on public safety and occupational health.

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