MedSNAIL Project Activities News:Rural Women's Development Society Facilitates Sub-Grant Signing Ceremony for Four Business Initiatives in Jenin Governorate Areas, Palestine.


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The Rural Women's Development Society recently organized a significant sub-grant signing ceremony in the Jenin Governorate Areas of Palestine. The event aimed to support and promote four business initiatives in the region. The ceremony served as a platform for the Rural Women's Development Society to facilitate the signing of sub-grant agreements between the organization and the selected business owners.
This initiative falls under the larger framework of the MedSNAIL project, titled "Sustainable Networks for Agro-food Innovation Leading in the Mediterranean - MedSNAIL." The MedSNAIL project, funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Mediterranean Basin Program, aims to foster sustainable agricultural practices and enhance agro-food production in the Mediterranean region. The project is led by the Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces (FAMP) and aims to strengthen small-scale producers' agricultural food value chains.
The sub-grants focuses on improving socially and environmentally sustainable agricultural methods while supporting small-scale producers. By offering financial assistance and support, these sub-grants aim to encourage the growth and development of these businesses and initiatives.
The ceremony began with an opening speech by Mrs. Hanin Abu Faris, the General Director of the Rural Women's Development Society and a Steering Committee member of the MedSNAIL project. Mrs. Abu Faris emphasized the national significance of the project and highlighted its objectives. These objectives include promoting socially and environmentally sustainable development for small and medium-sized economic initiatives in the agro-food sector. The project also focuses on evaluating traditional products using the Euro-Mediterranean "SLOW FOOD" methodology and principles of short-chain production. In addition, the project provides advisory services, support sessions, and training to local actors, with a particular emphasis on supporting women-led enterprises. These initiatives aim to identify new pathways for sustainable development, foster rural development while preserving heritage and local identity, and raise awareness about SLOW Food principles.
Mr. Amin Juaidi, the communication and project officer of MedSNAIL at the Rural Women's Development Society, addressed the audience and provided an overview of the sub-grant initiative's significance. He highlighted the meticulous process that led to the selection of the four business initiatives in Jenin Governorate Areas. Mr. Juaidi underscored the importance of rebuilding direct partnerships between farmers and consumers, promoting ethical patterns in production and consumption, and preserving the Palestinian agricultural and environmental heritage. He also shared the project's broader ambitions of promoting environmentally friendly agricultural and food processing methods, ultimately aiming to achieve food sovereignty in Palestine.
During the ceremony, each sub-grant recipient had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their respective business initiatives. They shared the motivations behind their projects, the investments made, and the specific objectives they hoped to achieve with the support of the sub-grants. These initiatives are expected to have positive impacts not only on the businesses themselves but also on the families involved.
The signing session followed the introductions, where all parties involved signed the sub-grant agreements. The signing marked the official commencement of the financial support provided by the Rural Women's Development Society.
The ceremony concluded with an open discussion, allowing participants to exchange ideas and insights on best practices and potential collaborations. The participants expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm for the support and opportunities provided by the sub-grants, underscoring the potential for positive change and economic growth in the Jenin Governorate Areas.
Overall, the sub-grant signing ceremony served as a significant milestone in the development of these four business initiatives in the Jenin Governorate Areas, providing them with the necessary support to flourish and contribute to the sustainable agro-food sector in Palestine.

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