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RWDS has also recently received funds from Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, AECID, Conemund, FAO, KVINFO, Netherlands Representative Office, UNDP, United Nations Population Fund and more.

In addition to the activities that we directly implement, RWDS works with leading Palestinian and international organizations that share common goals and values, and are committed to gender equality and to improving the lives of rural Palestinian women and their families. Through these partnerships, the RWDS clubs reach more than 10,000 women yearly through diverse educational, social and service activities. Partners work in one or multiple of our women’s clubs. The partnership might be for a one time workshop, an extended period of training, or for the whole duration of a project.

We also work with international partners to design projects and to educate the international community about life in Palestine and how women are impacted by on-going Occupation.

Our many partners include:

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