Project: Improving the access of small Palestinian producers and strengthening them within the value chain of high-value fruit crops and small ruminants “Takamul” - Aminka 3

The project is implemented in partnership with Oxfam

Project objective: improving the access of small Palestinian producers and strengthening them within the value chain of high-value fruit crops and small ruminants through interventions in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and focusing on developing women's units by empowering women producers in decision-making, as well as targeting cooperatives by providing machinery and equipment, in addition to providing the necessary infrastructure and rehabilitation, in addition to registering projects and enhancing market access and marketing capacity.

Target group: Women's units specialized in food processing in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

Implementation areas: the food processing value chain in all areas of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

Project duration: five years from 2016 to 2021

Interventions during 2020

Interventions focused on enhancing the economic and social status of women and youth by enhancing productive capacity, sales, income and profits. The interventions were as follows:

Najd Intervention: Establishing a production unit to extract essential oils and waters that are used in industries.

Al-Radwan Intervention: Integration of women, where a new partnership was established between the owners and three workers who expressed interest in becoming shareholders in the company.

Participation in trainings on market systems and their development, poverty, gender, social inclusion and the DCED results measurement tool through a training course held in Jordan.

Intervention of the Arab Women's Union: Targeting people with disabilities in the city of Beit Sahour by creating suitable opportunities for people with disabilities in the food processing sector and working to improve their resilience and increase their income. Where the unit for the dryer was improved and the location was appropriate to be suitable for the employment of persons with disabilities, and the farm for hydroponics was also rehabilitated to be suitable and appropriate for the work of persons with disabilities. In addition to conducting an awareness campaign for the community and families about the rights of persons with disabilities and their integration into society.

The Creativity Association intervened in Deir Ballut: represented by the cultivation of faqous in their town "Deir Ballout". The Corona pandemic spread favourites, and as a direct response to the inability of women farmers to sell the fruits of faqous in the market, intervention was made with the Creativity Association, where the faqous was purchased from women farmers as support for them, and the Creativity Association pickled and exported it Outside, Aminka's intervention was to purchase raw materials from women farmers and to assist the Creativity Association in packaging materials.

PTC: As a continuation of Kafrdan intervention, the following activities have been implemented with PTC

1- Appointing a qualified factory manager (50% of his salary has been contributed for a year)

2- Hiring a technical expert in the pickle industry to assist in operating and calibrating production lines

3- Installing the water treatment unit necessary for production processes in pickling.

4- Participation in the costs of packing materials necessary for production operations.

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